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Do You Qualify for SSDI Benefits ?

Most clients now hire our law firm before they even file their application for Social Security disability benefits.
While we are still hired after the first denial, and sometimes right before an Administrative Law Judge hearing, most new clients want our help from the outset.

An experienced Social Security attorney should be hired as soon as the Client and the treating medical specialists agree that work is no longer possible.

There are advantages to a Claimant hiring a Social Security attorney early in the process.

-First, the representative should be explaining what the issues will be in the case. Since every medical condition is different, the evidence of the symptoms varies from case to case. The earlier a new client understands what symptoms will be focused upon in their case the more they can treat for those symptoms. The more doctor visits they can have describing their symptoms and the more consistently that is in the charts, the more persuasive the evidence.

-Second, some of Social Security’s forms are critical. The Work History Report can be important for people who are 50 years old or older. Also, many cases are denied because the Activities of Daily Living Questionnaire is poorly answered. Those answers can be considered as evidence against disability because they can show functioning despite the alleged symptoms. Since they
are not medical proof they are rarely used to support an approval.

-Third, working with experienced Social Security disability professionals eases some of the stress of the process. Having trained people available by telephone, email and text provides support during the long period of time it takes Social Security to make decisions.

-Fourth, the earlier an experience lawyer is involved the greater the chance of discovering other issues. Sometimes prior applications can be reopened. Sometimes other programs such as Disabled Adult Child’s benefits, or Disabled Widows and Widowers benefits, are available and lawyers with experience can determine those options.

-Fifth, new issues can be identified earlier. People who have workers’ compensation cases often have significant issues from the interaction of these programs. Clients who have long term disability benefits from a former employer have many issues regarding how these benefits programs work together. Personal injury cases and medical negligence claims, inheritances, part time work and family support are all issues that may need to be considered when someone seeks Social Security benefits.

Getting an experienced attorney as early in the process as possible, even before filing, is often the best choice for someone who is Totally Disabled and needs these benefits.

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