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  • Our top ranked lawyer can review your Social Security Disability case and determine what additional evidence or development is needed. This usually involves obtaining the opinion of your doctor on points crucial to establishing your disability.
    • Our Social Security disability attorneys will monitor the progress of your case while it is pending before the SSA. We can help keep the case on track moving toward a fair decision.
    • At all levels of the Social Security disability appeals case, our attorneys can present written arguments on your behalf and discuss the appropriate Social Security Regulations and Rulings which are believed to be applicable.
    • We prepare our Social Security disability benefit clients for the hearing. As some of Chicago’s best social security lawyers, we understand that this step is especially important. A lawyer who has handled thousands of such cases in the past is well equipped to let the client know what to expect, what is important to the judge assigned to the case etc. As Chicago Social Security disability attorneys, we can provide these services to our My Social Security Lawyer clients.
    • At the hearing, the attorney may also cross examine the witnesses and help develop your testimony. We argue your case to the Administrative Law Judge.
    • We prepare the appeals and preserve the important arguments and legal points for review. Most Social Security claims are denied at least once or twice by the Social Security Administration.
    • If the case is denied by an Administrative Law Judge, and there are grounds for appeal, we will handle the appeal.

    Widely regarded as among the best in their field. They are professional, friendly, and conscientious with a genuine respect for their clients. They are worthy of the highest possible endorsement.

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