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Social Security Attorney Fees

Our maximum fee will be $6,000. The Commissioner of Social Security has the authority to change this limit and last did so in June, 2009. The SSDI attorneys at are only paid if we win the case. Our fee is 25% of the past due benefits which are awarded to the disabled Claimant and his family. Our maximum fee would not apply if the case is litigated beyond the Social Security hearing. This ordinarily involves a case taken into the Federal Court system.

In addition to the Social Security attorney fees, the Claimant is responsible for reimbursing us for any costs incurred to obtain medical records.

We do not charge a fee out of a person’s current or ongoing Social Security disability benefits.

If our client is currently receiving Social Security disability benefits and his case is being reviewed, a different fee arrangement would need to be utilized since there are no back benefits in such cases.

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