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I am very pleased with the results of my experience with this firm. Everyone that I worked with was very polite as well as responsive to my concerns and questions. I always felt confident I was answering the questions being asked of me correctly, and any questions of follow up was handled quickly. I couldn’t be happier with their service, and I am hoping for favorable results for my son as well. Thanks to everyone who helped me attain approval.

Kathy H.


Thanks to them, I was awarded my Social Security and backpay, soon to get it. I was in the Hospital at the time of court and they won my case without me being there, Amen, now that is a top star rated quality right there, I definitely recommend them to help anyone to win there case.

Michelle C.


Amazing. Hired about 10 years ago when I was struggling with filing a ssdi case. The entire team was helpful. I live many states away and the lawyer flew in the night before my hearing and did an amazing job. I won my case and I have no doubt I would not have been able to do it without this law firms help. Amazingly helpful and very patient with all my questions. Well versed in the law and walked me through every step.

Shannon K.


Jeff Rabin and his team won my Social Security Disability case after 4 years. I had a very tough case and after hard work on their part, we won. They didn’t stop there, after not receiving payment after 90 days as expected, Rosa stayed on the processing center and finally received payment after a year. Don’t hesitate using Jeff Rabin for your SSA case. They are the best there is in Illinois.

Rob M.


I was incredibly impressed by the services this firm provided my wife and myself. They made navigating a complicated situation very simple and easy to follow. All of the employees we interacted with were extremely pleasant and prompt with replies. Any questions we had in regard to the process were answered thoroughly and we were kept in the loop the entire time. It is refreshing to know that this firm treated us with not only the utmost respect but also that they cared about doing what was right, not just getting paid. Very grateful for this firm and thank you.

Salvador S.


Wonderful group of people whom saved me during a wretched time. Hailey was an amazing help and I am eternally grateful! Thank you all!!

Brooke V.


Jeff Rabin & Associates are awesome. They stand by you thru thick and thin with your disability case. The best Law firm out there. They changed my life. I would definitely recommend them.

Heidi W.


I’m very pleased to have had the help they provided in filing and getting my social security approved. They did a great job and would recommend them 100 percent. Thanks for the help.

Howard B.


Jeff and his team went above & beyond! I doubt I would have gotten my award letter w/o his/their help!!

Kandee A.

I will keep them on my disability team forever. The best lawyers period.


Eric D.

To this day they are my lawyers as of 5 years ago when I was struggling with social security… They stepped in and helped me with everything and now I’m receiving the benefits that I’ve fought for over 18 years…  I’m so glad and thankful for their determination in helping me or I would’ve never gotten my benefits that I’ve fought for… I love these guys!!!!! Would highly recommend them to everyone!!!!

Margaret M. J.

I was so happy with my experience … I absolutely lost hope, I do know what I would have done if I had not have found this law firm. My children and are so thankful. James Leeney had to stand in for my council on the day of my hearing an he was absolutely amazing!!! He is not only a wonderful Attorney, but outstanding person as well.

Megan R.

Widely regarded as among the best in their field. They are professional, friendly, and conscientious with a genuine respect for their clients. They are worthy of the highest possible endorsement.

Michael R.