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Filing an application has been simplified in many cases by Social Security’s use of an online application and appeal system.
Social Security Disability Insurance applications can be filed online at This will take about an hour and it will be easier if you prepare ahead of time.

-First, have handy the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all of your treating physicians, therapists and hospitals. Also have your treatment history so that you can answer questions about when you started with a doctor, when you last saw them and your next appointment.

-Second, keeping your resume or work history for the last 15 years nearby will be important.

-Third, have the details of any divorces in your history. You will need to put that information into the application.

-Fourth, have your bank account and routing number along with your income information for the last two years.

-Last, have a medication list including the prescribing doctor, dosage and purpose of the medication.

Supplemental Security Income applications can also be done online if you have never filed for SSI before, and have never been married. You cannot file an SSI application online if those two conditions are not met. If you cannot file online you can either go to the closest Social Security District Office and file in-person, or you can call Social Security and arrange for a telephone interview. The telephone system is by far the slowest, but for people who cannot file online, and have challenges leaving their home, it is an option. We recommend that persons coping with Compassionate Allowance medical conditions file at the District Office as the computer system does not always flag Compassionate Allowance cases and divert them to expedited processing.

It is often helpful to consult with an experienced lawyer before filing your application. Onset date, work history descriptions, other benefit options such as Disabled Adult Child Applications and other issues can be reviewed early so that problems may be avoided as the application gets processed.

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